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Choose Lynx. Experience the advantages only a local internet provider can provide.

Ultra Speed 50




Stream HD, game in real-time & connect all your devices simultaneously at incredible speeds.

Up to 50 Mbps download
Up to 10 Mbps upload
Up to 400 GB monthly data

Ultra Speed 25




Stream videos, game, or surf - these blazing fast speeds have you covered.

Up to 25 Mbps download
Up to 5 Mbps upload
Up to 250 GB monthly data

High Speed 15




Great for casual surfing, emailing & social media.

Up to 15 Mbps download
Up to 1 Mbps upload
Up to 150 GB monthly data

Wifi modem, free installation & support

All orders include a Wi-Fi modem at no additional charge and free home installation anywhere in Camrose. Thereafter your service is backed by expert support from our local team.

Find out why local is better.

Did you know? We built the fiber-optic infrastructure here! Founded in Camrose over 35 years ago, Lynx (formerly Cable-Lynx) has gradually evolved the network tech here in town to support a fast & reliable internet. Unbeatable speeds, free installation. What are you waiting for?

* 'Up to' speeds indicated are based on optimal conditions.

Over usage fee is $7.50 per 50 GB block over the plan's indicated limit.